General Medicine

What is General Medicine? 

General medicine (or a specialist in Family medicine) are specialist doctors with expertise in the diagnosis and management of complex, chronic, and multisystem disorders. 

In order to maximize both individual and group health outcomes, they are able to coordinate patient care and collaborate with the multidisciplinary. The General medicine professional has a wide range of knowledge. This includes both ambulatory and acute hospital treatment settings.

Age, diagnosis type, or treatment purpose are not constraints on their work. The ability to provide whole-person treatment to the same person at different periods and for different diseases, with many clinical scenarios requiring the professional application of a high-level biopsychosocial approach, is one of the significant advantages.

General medicine clinics ensure that the community receives efficient, cost-effective, and safe care, and their knowledge is especially important in isolated and rural locations where organ-system subspecialists are scarce. A general medical doctor can also specialize in peri-operative medicine, obstetric medicine, acute stroke medicine, clinical pharmacology, palliative care, and acute care for the elderly. General practitioners also help to build the workforce and are leaders in medical education and health policy design.


Cephalalgia (headache), Rhinovirus (common cold), Otitis externa (swimmer’s ear), Conjunctivitis (sore/pink eye), Pharyngitis (sore throat), Tussis (cough), Pyrexia (fever), Gastroenteritis (stomach flu), Contusion (bruise), Dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps), Cystitis (urinary tract infection), Ankylosis (stiff joint), Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), Allergic rhinitis (hay fever), Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD), Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), Chronic bronchitis (lung infection), onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail), Hemorrhoids, Soft tissue abscess, Cut injuries, Upper respiratory tract infections, Lower respiratory tract infections


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