urology & andrology

Urology - What is the role? 

Both male and female diseases of the genitourinary system must be treated and diagnosed by a urologist. Diseases of the genitourinary tract can be treated by urologists with surgery or medication. Urologists typically meet with patients, record and review patients' medical histories, conduct diagnostic tests, develop treatment plans, and give treatments, among other tasks.

Andrology- what is the role?

Treatment of genitourinary problems that specifically affect men is the responsibility of an andrologist. Andrologists, like urologists, can operate on patients or treat their ailments with medication and other therapies. Additionally, they are in charge of doing tests, creating treatment plans, and giving patients treatments. They also keep track of patient's medical information.

Condition Urologist or andrologist treat? 

The ailments that andrologists and urologists treat can also vary. These conditions are typically treated by urologists:

  • Kidney issues

  • Bladder issues

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

   andrologists typically deal with problems that affect men, such as:

  •  Issues Male reproductive

  •  Issues Male genitourinary

  • Cancers affecting males

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