What is Radiology?

Imaging technology is used in the medical specialty of radiology to identify and treat diseases.

Diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology are two subfields of radiology. Radiologists are medical professionals with a focus on radiology.

Diagnostic radiology enables medical professionals to see internal body structures.  radiologists are medical professionals who specialize in the interpretation of these pictures. The radiologist or other medical professionals can often:

: Diagnose what is causing you symptoms.

: Keep track of how your body is responding to any medications you're taking for an illness or condition.

: Screen for various conditions, such as heart disease, colon cancer, or breast cancer.

What do Radiologists treat?

In order to detect and cure ailments, radiologists use images of the inside of your body. These medical photos are captured in a variety of ways, including:

: CT- Scan

: X-Ray

: Ultrasound

: Mri

: BMD Scan


While committed to excellence in patient care and service. Our Radiology department Doctors is furnished with in vogue equipment’s and is led by a team of qualified radiologist and technicians.

We work closely with other Departments and specialist to provide timely, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment, providing our patients with referring physician’s insightful subspecialty interpretations as well as rapid reporting of critical findings

Ultrasound Services

Neck, thyroid, Salivary glands & mouth floor Ultrasound Studies. Chest (pleural) & Infant trans-cranial Ultrasound Studies. Abdomen, pelvis & KU B (Renal) Ultrasound Studies. Regula r pregnancy, 3D & 4D Ultrasound Studies. Upper & Lower limbs venous & arterial duplex Studies. Trans-vaginal, Irons-rectal & prostate Ultrasound Studies. Scrotal, breast & soft tissues Ultrasound & Doppler Studies. Anomaly scan & biophysical profiles with fetal Doppler Studies. Renal & liver transplant duplex Studies (Early detection of rejection). Carotid, abdominal aorta & iliac (venous & arterial) duplex Studies. Pediatric DOH hip & all types of musculoskeletal Ultrasound Studies. Renal & hepatic (portal vein & common hepatic artery) duplex Studies.

X-Ray Services

CXR Joints and bones X-Rays Skull and PNS X-Rays Spine X-Rays Abdomen and Pelvis X-Rays

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